Players will get to have 2 types of weapons at a time... one that can be fired and one bomb.

Fire Type Weapons:
  • Standard Gun
    • Gun pickup
    • Bullet
  • Bouncy Bullet Gun
    • Gun pickup
    • Bullet (can be same as regular bullet, but different color.. or maybe bigger.)
  • Rocket Launcher - shoots something that will explode on impact
    • Gun pickup
    • Rocket
  • Grenade Launcher - similar to rocket launcher, except will bounce a bit then explode
    • Gun pickup
    • Grenade
  • Laser - shoots a straight line until it hits something. Takes a little bit to charge up before it fires.
    • Gun pickup
    • Laser beam
    • Some sort of charging up indicator

Bomb Type Weapons:
  • Bomb - explodes after a few seconds
    • Bomb pickup
    • Placed bomb
  • Fire Bomb - explodes and leaves fire for a while
    • Bomb pickup
    • Placed bomb
  • Mines - like bombs, but don't explode unless you touch them or shoot them
    • Mine pickup
    • Placed mine - should be hard to see
  • Acid - will be left in a small trail behind the tank
    • Acid pickup
    • Puddle/trail

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